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Is Moissonaite a better option?


Is Moissonaite a better option?



"Is moissanite a better option?’ This is the question facing many couples when considering purchasing their wedding sets. Today, it is not a questions of how many carats a couple can afford, but is it a better investment to forgo a diamond and purchase moissanite stone instead. This man-made gem "boasts more brilliance and fire than a diamond" Moissanite is created from silicon carbide crystals and is therefor slightly  less hard than a diamond but is still extremely durable. At MJ Jewelers, we often combine moissanite with diamonds in our designs. It is impossible to tell the difference when looking with the naked eye. Because it so closely resembles a diamond and because it is so durable, many choose to use moissanite for repairs as well, Is moissanite the right choice for you?

Moissanite originally was created by Charles and Collard over 20 years ago.

Custom Design Jewelry


Is Moissonaite a better option?


 Our creations all have one thing in common, your piece is meticulously designed and made with care with heirloom quality. Stones are hand picked to match for size/ color and clarity. After casting, every stone is set one by one by hand in the piece by an skilled pave setter. That is the difference that you see in our hand crafted pieces and other items that you see elsewhere. 



Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls



Before we answer this question, let's take a look at the history of the halo design and the advantages of a halo design to your ring are! 

The halo design, historically was simply used to enhance the center stone either as a ring, a necklace, or a set of earrings. In most cases, they were used with color stones as an accent color. In recent years we have seen more demand for the design, simply because it makes the center stone look larger. So say that you have a round diamond, and you want to make it look more like a cushion cut diamond, a halo can change the outline of your center stone to make it appear to be a different shape (in this case, more like a cushion cut).

So to answer the question, no the trend will never die. The most popular halo design that we do to this day was originally designed in 1930. If you are interested in redesigning your existing jewelry, or designing a new piece, there are a lot different halo designs available

Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls

Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls

Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls

Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls


For thousands of years, pearls have been a classic favorite; coveted for their natural beauty, rarity, luster and shine. To find one is invaluable. Out of 10,000 oysters, there may only be one treasure among all treasures... a single, natural pearl.

Pearls today, whether designed in a necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring or brooch, are commonly referred to as cultured pearls. Pearl jewelry has become a favorite due to its classic design and affordable appeal.

A cultivated pearl is created by intentionally placing a tiny Mother-of-Pearl bead inside an oyster. The oyster gradually coats the bead in layers of a pearlescent, organic substance called nacre, which builds-up to eventually create a lustrous pearl. 

Pearl Sizes

Whether you prefer a dainty pearl earring or a bigger-the-better pearl bracelet, the size of a pearl depends on the type you select. Our pearl chart can help you in shopping for and understanding the different types of pearls and their sizes from the largest and most exotic Tahitian pearl to multi-sized and multicolored, cultured freshwater pearls.

Pearl Characteristics

Pearl Luster: Pearls produce a deeply intense shine, known as luster, when light is reflected off the many layers of nacre or tiny organic crystals.

Pearl Nacre: When shopping for a pearl, the larger the pearl, the more nacre it has and the greater the luster. The amount of luster a pearl has is as visible as the differences in pearl sizes.

Pearl Color: A pearl's color is called its body color. Since pearls are produced in living creatures, their colors typically vary among white, cream, yellow, silver, pink or black. Pearls can also have a glow of a secondary color, which can be seen when light reflects off of the pearls. This hint of color is known as its overtone.

Pearl Shape: Pearls are natural, organic substances and because of that, they come in many unique and interesting shapes. A completely round pearl is very difficult to find and the rounder a pearl is, the more expensive it becomes.

Ultimately, the real value of a pearl should be based on your own personal preference.


Pearl Types

Cultured Pearl Jewelry

Cultured Freshwater pearls are typically grown in Asian waters in a spectrum of colors. These colors include some of the most popular offered in a variety of styles white, pink, black and champagne.

While some colored pearls can be achieved naturally, some Freshwater pearls are treated to produce a distinctive or particular color. The color you select should be based on your complexion. Their affordability makes them a popular choice when searching for your next pearl jewelry purchase.

Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Akoya pearls are truly the perfect choice and most popular if you are considering a pair of pearl earrings or an elegant strand of pearls! Cultured in the Akoya oyster and primarily found in Japan and China, they are lustrous and are generally white or cream colored with overtones of rose, silver, or cream. Although Akoya pearls may seem surprisingly similar in appearance to Freshwater pearls, they are very different when the two are compared side-by-side. Akoya pearls are renowned for their incredible luster and are considered the classic pearl. They are smoother and rounder than Freshwater pearls. 

South Sea Pearl Necklaces

South Sea pearls are the rarest of pearls and simply spectacular with a unique satiny luster, as well as an array of colors considered more unusual in other types of pearls and are typically white, silver and golden. Cultivated in the white-lipped oyster, larger than the oysters used to produce Akoyas and Freshwater pearls, the size of pearl they produce is considerably larger... reaching sizes as large as 15mm. White-lipped oysters are rare, sensitive and difficult to cultivate, making the pearls they produce more expensive and highly desirable.

Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Enchanting and mysterious, Tahitian pearls are unique unto themselves due to their natural dark colors: metallic silver, to the color of graphite. Within this range of colors, they can have bluish, purplish, or greenish overtones.

Found in the waters off of the islands of French Polynesia, the natural black color of Tahitian pearls comes from the color of the oyster's black lips. They are much larger than average oysters and are extremely sensitive to the cultivation process. This makes the large pearls they produce extremely valuable and sought after.

Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls



Pearl Shapes

  • Round: Round pearls are perfect spheres and the shape most people think of when they think of a pearl
  • Near-round: A pearl that visually appears almost round.
  • Button: A pearl that is circular in shape with a flat bottom and a flattened or domed top.
  • Drop: Drop pearls are pearl or teardrop-shaped. The drop can either be "long" or "short" and are typically used in earrings or pendants.
  • Semi-baroque: These pearls are slightly irregular in their shape.
  • Baroque: A pearl that is not symmetrical and is irregular in shape. It can be abstract and even resemble a stick or some other unique shape.
  • Coin: A coin pearl is a flattened disc-shaped pearl. It can be circular or slightly more irregular.

Quality of Pearl

  • The quality of pearls is measured by the combination of factors, which include:
  • » Type of pearl
  • » Thickness of the nacre
  • » Size
  • » Luster
  • » Color
  • » Shape

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